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tinyOSD & tinyFINITY – a tiny opensource video tx with full graphic OSD

Merry belayed Christmas and a happy new year everyone. I know, I am running a tiny bit late. My original plan was to release the tinyOSD and tinyFINITY sources ready for Christmas but then the usual things got into the way and I had to postpone this post. But here it is: I am releasing… Read More »

Eachine EV100 component analysis: Display module supplier and technical data — UPDATE

In my previous post regarding the display module of the $99 Eachine EV100 googles I tracked down szsonicom as the manufacturer a reseller (?) of the display assembly. As it turns out the actual manufacturer of the display is CITIZEN. When you browse their product portfolio you can see a picture of the display assembly that… Read More »

Review: RCBenchmark Dynamometer 1580 — thrust testing and more

It feels like christmas is fast approaching this year… The days got quite short, trees are losing their leaves, and it is getting colder already. And now look what Santa Charles Blouin from RCbenchmark just sent me: Wohoooooooo… The postman, or rather the customs employee, handed over a 1580 dynamometer motor test stand to me!… Read More »

Cutting solder paste stencils with the silhouette plotter — gerber2graphtec modification for tiny structures

Some weeks ago I wrote about using a silhouette portrait craft plotter for cutting solder paste stencils. The described process uses the collection of the  gerber2graphtec python scripts to process the fabrication data from kicad and send the cutting instructions to the plotter. The solder paste stencils I did cut for the VESC came out… Read More »

EFM8 bootloader flash tool –

I am working on a custom 4in1 blheli_s ESC for micro brushless setups. I wouldn’t like to reveal too much at this point, except it is going to be tinytiny (20x20mm) as you have seen with my version of a Frsky compatible tiny rx (see my uSKY project). UPDATE: you can find more about the… Read More »

OpenGround – Part 11 – CC2500 adapter board

This is the 11th post of my series documenting the development of a custom firmware for the FS-i6s transmitter. CC2500 adapter In order to remove the mess of cables inside the modified transmitter, i designed an adapter pcb to adapt the CC2500 transceiver module to the pads on the transmitter pcb. It’s no rocket science… Read More »