OpenGround – Part 10 – Status update & some UI impressions (video)

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By | October 3, 2016

This is the 10th post of my series documenting the development of a custom firmware for the FS-i6s transmitter. This is just a quick update on my progress.

Radio protocol

The radio link is functional. It is not tested thoroughly and is missing a lot of safety features, do not use it right now! Transmission works and telemetry packets are received but not parsed yet.


I did some work on the user interface. See the following video for some impressions:

2 thoughts on “OpenGround – Part 10 – Status update & some UI impressions (video)

  1. Jürgen

    I bought a FS-i6S one week ago. More or less it is ok. Some more telemetry would be nice.

    The GUI of your project looks fine – does it only works with changing the original TX-module to this CC2500?
    And afterwards the modified FS-i6S works with FrSky receivers?

    1. fishpepper Post author

      OpenGround will need the CC2500 module. And yes, afterwards it is FrSky only


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