pepperFIISH + Avan props + indoor Location = Envy^3

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By | September 19, 2018

Long time no update… Don’t worry, I did not get (completely) lost. Just busy^3 with so much other stuff (work, house, kids, a new dog, …) that I just did not find any time to post. I hope I will find time to continue updating the blog more recently in the next time. I have some pending projects that really want to be posted 🙂

I just got a message from wuzzle, he started using the 2″ Avan propellers on his 50g 2S pepperFIISH and he is flashed by its speed… I really need to get hands on a set of those, wuzzle told me he is quite happy with them.

It seems like this lucky guy found a very nice spot to fly that beast. While the summer is still crazy hot and dry here in Germany, one thing is for sure: the autumn is coming and so does the rain! I really envy him for the nice spot in the wintertime! But see yourself, he shared a youtube video with me:

The video link quality amazes me! I would not have expected that good reception with all that metal around him.

If you built some crazy shit using some of my stuff feel free to drop me a mail. I really enjoy to hear about your stories and to see how it turned out for you!

Happy flying!

6 thoughts on “pepperFIISH + Avan props + indoor Location = Envy^3

    1. fishpepper Post author

      All these people with their own warehouses… I think I need one of those as well for flying *g*

  1. Jan

    Wie schaut es mit deinem osd/vtx combo aus? Bin immernoch voll gespannt. Ich kenne das auch das man nie genug Zeit hat hhehe. Viel Spaß noch

  2. Daryoon

    I know how life can get in the way for sure. I still convinced myself that I will update HacksMods once I get less busy. 🙂 Great to hear you’re well.

    Still holding on to the hope that we can develop a micro to bring to the masses one day.

  3. wuzzle

    Thanks for featuring my little Wintertime rocket that I came around finally building in summer.

    And an even bigger thanks for designing this awesome open hardware project. I cannot recommend your work enough!


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