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Installing & using ST-Link v2 to flash STM32 targets on Linux

In order to install the ST-Link utilities on Linux (Ubuntu) we have to make sure to have the libusb-dev library installed. On Ubuntu systems you can install the necessary library by executing: sudo apt-get install libusb-1.0-0-dev We will now download, build and install the latest ST-Link utilities from scratch git clone stlink.git cd stlink… Read More »

OpenGround – Part 1 – Components & Pinout

This is the first post of my series documenting the development of a custom firmware for the FS-i6s transmitter. Components In order to write a custom firmware for the Flysky FS-i6s transmitter we will need to know which components are used and how they are connected. So let’s take a look at the PCB: CPU… Read More »