tinyPEPPER2 4in1 ESC — Are you ready for 2S on a sub 40g quadcopter?

By | May 16, 2017

I am happy to announce that the next generation tinyPEPPER 4in1 ESC will be available shortly. The folks at Furious FPV are manufacturing and are going to sell the 2S version of my tinyPEPPER design soon, see their product page: FPV-0252 Fishpepper 4in1 ESC.

You might be yelling what has happened to the open hardware spirit. Well… My recent experience with Chinese copycats got me thinking. I was not asking for much, just proper credit. But it got even worse, they claimed my tinyPEPPER to be their own invention. You can find my tinyFISH FC relabeled as “their” invention F3D8.

So I am going to try a different approach this time. But wait, do not stop reading — you did not get the best part yet:

The design will be opensourced in some months!

So back to the topic: This flea weight can run on 1S or 2S and is great for tiny brushless quadcopters. The 38g 2S pepperFIISH that I have test flown previously used an early prototype of the same ESC design. With lighter motors and some optimizations I am comfortable that we will see 30-35g copters running on 2S in the future!

11 thoughts on “tinyPEPPER2 4in1 ESC — Are you ready for 2S on a sub 40g quadcopter?

    1. fishpepper Post author

      Thanks for the link. Looks like a different design to me. The tinyPEPPER2S design is not open yet. It will be open in some months.

  1. Ricotchet

    Hi is there a EU or german shop for this ESC?
    the shipping cost from FPV direct or Furious FPV are horrible

    1. fishpepper Post author

      I do not know about an european store yet…

  2. John

    Yep your design work is inspirational! Ive been put off of the Chinese made knockoffs since i found out that they have been just stealing others hard work with not even a small mention to the rightful designers made. The truely should be ashamed. Wish you the best of luck with this new effort, and will be keeping an eye on future offerings!

  3. Dom

    First of all great work you have done with the 1s version, love my pepperF1SH.
    Two questions i have regarding the 2s setup which i will definetly preorder (is a german dealer already setup?)asap.

    1. are you still suggesting the 8000Kv 1103 motors for the 2s setup
    2.How you manage the powering (5V) of the aio cam with the 2s setup as there is no BEC on the ESC or FC

    Thanks for your fantastic work .

    1. fishpepper Post author

      1) I like it. But I will test some other motors shortly — stay tuned πŸ˜‰
      2) There are three was:
      2a) I was flying the first 2S Lipo without any regulator (cam on 8.4V!) — It survived (maybe just luck)
      2b) Cheap stepdown: cam drops out on empty battery and it melts the hotglue
      2c) I will test a better stepdown soon (D24V5F soldered to give ~4V)

      So i would recommend 2c for now, but it is untested πŸ˜‰

  4. Tim

    This is good news, I guess it’s time to order a flight controller from one of the reputable sellers so it’s here ready for when I can get the 2s ESC.

    Hopefully it’s all quick to arrive!

  5. Luca

    Looks like you found a similar fet to what I was looking at! And then finals hit πŸ™

    The capacitor line looks crazy

  6. CesiumSalami

    Fantastic! It’s a harsh reality, but you deserve more what the previous cycle brought you, I think. I, for one, think the plan that you’ve laid out for the 2s version is awesome!

    Thanks for your hard work!!


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