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A sub-250g copter in 3″ or 4″ — not the 40g pepperFIISH you are used to ;) [english]

[hier geht’s zur deutschen Version des Artikels] This is a blog post from Holger, another copter fanatic from my hometown Bielefeld 🙂 Thank you very much for giving the permission to share this build log with my readers. The original article was written in German, if you find any spelling/grammar bugs in this translation please… Read More »

Der sub-250g copter in 3″ oder 4″ — mal kein 40g pepperFIISH ;) [deutsch]

[click here for the english translation] Dieser Artikel ist ein Gast-Post von Holger, eines weiteren Copter-verrückten aus Bielefeld wie ich 🙂 Vielen Dank für die Erlaubnis diesen Beitrag mit meinen Lesern teilen zu dürfen! Nun also viel Spaß beim lesen seines Artikels: … und es geht ganz leicht… Der sub 250g Copter Im Internet sprangen… Read More »

Eachine EV100: no audio problem — cause, fix, and technical background — UPDATE

Some days ago I published a post on how to fix the totally broken audio on the $99 Eachine EV100 FPV goggles. As it turned out the inbuilt receiver module, a Sinopine SP338RX, is missing “some” components that generate the audio output. Some people are lucky as their modules are only missing the 6.5MHz filter.… Read More »

Eachine EV100: no audio problem — cause, fix, and technical background

There have been a lot of rumors and discussion about the $99 Eachine EV100 FPV goggles recently. I already did some teardown, component analysis, component identification, analyzed the “diversity” feature of the receiver, and wrote about how to fix the gray bar problem in my previous posts. There is another problem with those goggles: No… Read More »

Review: RCBenchmark Dynamometer 1580 — thrust testing and more

It feels like christmas is fast approaching this year… The days got quite short, trees are losing their leaves, and it is getting colder already. And now look what Santa Charles Blouin from RCbenchmark just sent me: Wohoooooooo… The postman, or rather the customs employee, handed over a 1580 dynamometer motor test stand to me!… Read More »