70g HD-CAM VS 29g Drone — no way!

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By | June 11, 2017

I was recently joking that my 2S pepperFIISH quadrocopter is strong enough to carry a friend’s GoPro. Too bad I did not make a bet on that… Out of curiosity I tried it, lacking a proper GoPro camera I fastened my Xiaomi Yi camera to my poor little 29g quadcopter (44g with battery).

Let’s crunsh some numbers before the fun begins: the copter should have up to 288g of thrust. So in theory the 115g HDcopter should have a 2.5:1 thrust to weight ratio (without hd camera 6.5:1). Should do, right? People fly tinyWhoops with less thrust :-X

So how much did this poor little guy suffer carrying a camera of twice its weight? Well… It worked remarkably well. And by the way, the yi seems to like crashes from 2m to the hard wooden surface. It survived all my crashes! Too bad, secretly I was hoping to loose it while trying — the perfect excuse for my wife why I need to buy a 4K camera… Seems like the vtx/camera combo took some damage, I get a lot of stripes now (see the video).

Enough said, video or it did not happen — there you go!

Ah, before you ask: No, no playmobil animals were hurt during those trials. And of course, everything was properly built up again when the kids woke up. If someone asks, the propeller marks on the wall wasn’t me — ehm it seems like the kids somehow found props and played with it *cough*

Anyway I still need to move to a (medium sized) castle and I will definetely need to buy bigger gates if I ever want to succeed in flying through one… So you might be wondering what you need to buy in order to build such a copter? Not that much:

Stay tuned for more 😉

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