pepperFIISH — new frame design for 0703/0705 motors

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By | May 29, 2017

I just started to experiment with 0705 sized motors as I got some nice motors from boldclash. They came with a logo *wohooo* This is great news, having motors with my own logo means I can now fly like a pro or better *cough* Well… certainly not…

I hacked together a quick test frame (83mm diagonal) for 0703 or 0705 sized motors with three mounting holes. It is meant for a tinyFISH fc / tinyPEPPER2S stack with 16x16mm hole to hole spacing and 56mm props. The frame features two rubber band “hooks” that facilitate a low cost and low weight battery mount. Make sure to add some sticky foam to cover the screw heads.

Shopping list:

My test setup weights 40.5g including all fpv gear and the battery. Not that bad đŸ™‚ I am still not sure which KV to use on those motors… I have not yet test flown this setup.

You can find the frame ready to order on armattan: pepperFIISH 2S 0705. If you prefer cutting it on your own you can grab the source and DXF files from my github repository.

9 thoughts on “pepperFIISH — new frame design for 0703/0705 motors

  1. nick

    Heya – since it’s been a while, can you give an update on your thoughts of the 70x motors vs 1103? Especially on 2s?

    1. fishpepper Post author

      Not yet. From what I have heared all those 070x seem to have some vibration issues. This is not surprising as they all use brass bearings instead of ball bearings :-\

  2. Ricotchet

    Any news about the kV of the motors
    Which flight time you have?

  3. Cyril

    Wow!! fishpepper logo? where can I buy it? I like the black color ;D

      1. Nigel

        Boldclash are embracing your designs I think, they are producing a number of motors at that sort of size,
        Btw I tested their FC ESC stack today and it worked properly on a fully charged lipo.
        They give credit to you and link here, I know they would be interested in your 2s 4in1 ESC if you want another partner, but I don’t know how your feel about it….
        They seem to be a reputable company anyway, been going a while.

    1. fishpepper Post author

      The hoverbot weights 40g without the battery! My pepperFIISH weights 24g without battery and 40g including the battery đŸ˜‰
      So that’s a huge difference…

      1. Andrés

        OH!!!! That’s awesome! Please excuse my ignorance đŸ™‚


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