pepperF1SH — time to grab some Frames!

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By | March 1, 2017

I just uploaded the design files for the pepperF1SH to armattan productions. I ordered frames designed by others in the past, they come in very good quality and the shipping time to germany is quite fast. I think they ship from Taiwan.

You can visit my store and buy my pepperF1SH designs following this link. When you buy one of those I receive a little commission that helps me to bring you all the crazy stuff you find on this website. If you want to skip that part or just want to cut the frames on your own, feel free to grab the open source design files or the compoled dxf files from the pepperF1SH github repository. The source files can be opened and edited in FreeCAD 0.16.

As for all my open hardware projects make sure to read and understand the CERN Open Hardware license. You can use the frame designs commercially but every modification you make has to be published under the very same license and you will have to give proper credit e.g. by linking to my blog

The following frame designs are available:

pepperF1SH X70

MOTOR+PROPS | 10000KV + 48mm triblades
RATING      | Small but lame + inefficient & short flight
TTW RATIO   | ~2.7:1
FLIGHTIME   | ~2-3min
AUW         | 30.5g

pepperFISH X83

MOTOR+PROP | 8000KV + 56mm propellers
RATING     | The best option. Everybody loved this so far!
TTW RATIO  | ~3.3:1
AUW        | 30.7g

pepperFISH X96

MOTOR+PROP | 8000KV + 65mm propellers 
RATING     | HUGE and powerful, make sure to live in a castle
TTW RATIO  | ~4:1
FLIGHTTIME | should be around 4min
AUW        | 31.5g

I can really recommend to build the 83 sized frame. It is the best compromise.

Have fun!

7 thoughts on “pepperF1SH — time to grab some Frames!

  1. Czaja

    Any chances you could expand/modify these designs and add a few frames to your Armattan collection? I was thinking about adding little hooks to attach elastic bands (similar to your 0705 frame design). And also instead of the frame size cut-off two parallel cuts to feed a velcro strap through as an alternative way to attach a battery?

    Many thanks.

      1. Czaja

        It’s a miracle! 😉

        Fantastic. Many thanks. Do you reckon you could add the same tabs to the bigger frame as well or is it too much hassle? Cheers.

  2. Shane

    Yey! My frames just arrived. One question I have is where can I get the blade guard (bumper) that is in the picture above?

    1. I'd Crash It

      It is just a carbon fiber tube. He said .85mm in diameter on another post
      “Momentan sind sie 0.85mm. Das scheint ganz brauchbar zu sein. Crashtests stehen noch aus ”
      google translate says “Currently they are 0.85mm. This seems quite useful. Crash tests are still pending”

  3. CesiumSalami

    NICE! I was thinking about uploading a design for ~56mm props but likely in 2mm carbon with narrower arms. I haven’t run the numbers but I bet at this scale blocking as small amount of the disc area as possible could be helpful?

    I’ll try and post back if/when I post that to armattan.

    Thanks again!


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