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By | February 4, 2017

I am just about to finish the last tests on my super tiny 4in1 BLHelis_S ESC:

  • 16x16mm hole-to-hole spacing
  • BLHeli_S with DSHOT300(!)
  • 4.3A continuous current
  • 1S operation only
  • lightweight 1.2grams(!)

This is a sneak preview, in order to save you some time I will now share the board design and the bill of materials with you. You can go ahead and order the parts right now, by the time they arrive at your place I will have published all details for you to build your own.

This is licensed under the CERN open hardware license v1.2. Before using the design files for commercial projects please make sure that you read and understand this license! You can use the files for your projects, just make sure to give proper credit (by e.g. linking to the tinyPEPPER ESC page). Additionally release all modifications you do and all work you derivate from this under the same license.going to be open hardware.

Compared to the tinyFISH FC, this is a piece of cake. It is quite easy to solder when you have access to the right tools. Don’t hesitate, just give it a try!
Enough said, here are the links you have been waiting for (probably too) long:

You will need no special programmer for this, any usb2serial converter will do. The EFM8 devices come with a bootloader and I wrote a small python script that will do the flashing. I will publish a tutorial soon.

To those who ordered the v0.2 boards from oshpark some days ago: Don’t worry, your boards are fine. The only change to v0.2 is the reordering of the motor phase tabs to the same side.

6 thoughts on “tinyPEPPER ESC — SNEAK PREVIEW: PCB Layout and BOM!

  1. Arne Gebhardt

    Hi, a great project for 1S multis.
    Glad to have all parts in my hands.
    Now I need a part placement diagram 🙂

    Do we flash each ESC via signal /Vcc/and GND?
    Can I use my Blheli flash tool?

    Best Regards


    1. fishpepper Post author

      A tutorial will follow soon 😉 You can use the efm8load.py using the serial pads or use any efm8 flasher using data and clock pads (see blheli_s documentation).

  2. Hamza

    Was just wondering why you went with BB1 and not BB2 CPUs. Would the higher erpm management make it better for these high kv motors ?
    I think the motors won’t reach that sort of eRPM anyways.
    Is there anything to be gained by going to BB2 ?
    Thank you for everything you’ve done 😀

    1. fishpepper Post author

      There is no reason to use BB2 cpus. The RPMs are not that high on 1S. DSHOT300 is sufficient as well 🙂


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