OpenGround – Part 12 – Turnigy Evolution – I/O mapping

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By | January 23, 2017

This is the 12th post of my series documenting the development of a custom firmware for the FS-i6s transmitter.

This time I am going to have a look how the Turnigy Evolution differs from the FS-i6s.

BOOT pin

The BOOT1 pin is still available on the resistor R59, pull the side connected to the STM32 high, remove and reconnect the battery plug and press the power on buttons to enter the DFU bootloader mode.


There are some new RGB leds on the Evolution. I did not figure out the connection yet.


The ADC channels are ordered differently and some are inverted:

3WAY_LEFT      = PA5 (ADC_CH5)
3WAY_RIGHT     = PA8 (ADC_CH8)
BATTERY_V      = PC0 (ADC_CH10)

The battery voltage is measured in the same way as on the i6s. There should be a connection from the charger IC to the STM32F0. I need to figure out the connection.

Firmware for Evolution?

There is a new branch where I am testing the port to the Evolution. Please have a look at the github repository branch tgy_evolution. Please note that this is a work in progress! It is not finished yet.


11 thoughts on “OpenGround – Part 12 – Turnigy Evolution – I/O mapping

  1. Jeff

    So I just found this project… Is it actually complete now? If so I’ve got some tinkering to do 😀

  2. Deividas Abrutis

    Hi fishpepper im trying to get into bootloader on my Evolution but radio just boots normaly wether the R59 is shorted or not. Im missing something? thank you

    1. Deividas Abrutis

      I figured out. For some reason i was sure that i need to short BOOTLOADER0 pin to ground but i connected to VDD and it is recognised now!

  3. Fabio

    hi Man
    many thanks for working for rc people needs
    im looking forward for a small tx to fly my frsky gears
    were you able to fly with a frsky receiver yet?(also on the i6s)
    telemetry included?

    i m an hardware developer (now on LED driver) let me know if you need help for something(on my little spare time from my little child)

  4. Kevyn Watkins

    Hi fishpepper,

    This particular project of yours looks pretty interesting to me, and I could see some people living the evolution with FrSky mod.

    My question is kind of backwards to this project though, how hard would it be to pull the chip from an afhds2a radio and turn it into an external module for the taranis? I think it should be pretty easy, get old radio, pull chip off, solder onto custom board, some passive and boom done right?

    1. fishpepper Post author

      No. The TX module is just the tx chipset. You are missing the processor and the code that implements the protocol.

  5. reptil1990

    What is the state of the firmware for the evolution?
    Is it in dev, alpha, beta?
    Thank you for your amazing work!

    1. fishpepper Post author

      I would say alpha. You can use it for basic flying. Use it for small quads for now (<100g)!

    1. fishpepper Post author

      The i6 and the i6s use completely different hardware… So there will be probably no port to the i6, sorry 🙁


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