pepperF1SH – Part I: Frame & Motors

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By | December 16, 2016


This post is the first in a series of posts about the adventure of building the world’s lightest brushless FPV quadcopter: project pepperF1SH.

Banggood recently released a new nice, cheap and lightweight brushless motor, the Racerstar 1103 8000KV ( also available as a 10000KV version). First thrust tests on the 8000KV motor on 1S showed that it might be possible to get a flyable 1S copter, no 10:1 killer machine but probably good enough for some indoor fun.

Therefore it is time to design a lightweight 1S brushless fun copter! Stock electronic components are all bulky and/or heavy, and it removes the fun part of designing your own electronics. As you might have read i started to build a tiny 4in1 20x20mm 1S blheli_s brushless ESC and a tiny 20x20mm F3 tinyfish flight controller with integrated frsky compatible receiver based on my usky rx (!). They will be probably <2grams each.

I am going to start with the frame design on the upper right. When this is cut in 0.8mm CFK it weights 2.9g. Together with four 8000KV motors this sums up to 16.9g with screws:

I hope to end up with a total AUW weight including the FPV gear of 30-35g. Lets’s see how it goes 😉

to be continued…

4 thoughts on “pepperF1SH – Part I: Frame & Motors

  1. Victor Johansen

    I finished my Gremlin (from Flight test). A couple of things First it would be nice to be able to email you and add attachments. I have pictures of my Tiny Drone I thought you might like to see. As to problems I only have two. My Lumeminar version of your board does have the problem with a full battery. Also I hooked up a buzzer. it works with the Flight Controller but when I add a switch to my transmitter no sound no sound when I flip the switch. I can see the LEDs blinking but no sound?? This is very useful when looking for lost drones. I do plan to fly outside.


    Victor Johansen

    1. fishpepper Post author

      Just send the pictures to simon AT, I would be happy to see them!
      For the sound: No idea, I have never tested the buzzer on tinyFISH :-\

  2. Sam

    Where did you get this cut? I’m working on something similar! Hopefully I can get your fc working on it.


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