tinyPEPPER – testing with an spracing f3 evo brushed (converted to brushless)

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By | December 17, 2016

This post is an update about my 4in1 blheli_s ESC tinyPEPPER. I just did a first test using an old F3 evo brushed board that i converted to brushless operation (remove FETs and pulldown resistors). I will probably to the maiden with this board and an uSKY rx instead of using my tinyFISH fc as it is not completely soldered yet.

In this test i played with the throttle sliders inside the betaflight configurator. All 4 motors spin up nicely. The previous reset on big throttle steps was solved by a small pcb layout change — yay!

One thought on “tinyPEPPER – testing with an spracing f3 evo brushed (converted to brushless)

  1. Tullyo

    Hi 🙂

    Can you show how to do the FC Mod?
    I’ve some Brushed FC’s ready to mod 🙂



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