Pagoda antenna — the trippleGODA by fishpepper

By | April 1, 2017

This post was last edited on 1st of April

I recently ordered a set of Pagoda antennas on SeeedStudio. It is ridiculous cheap, 160 antenna sets for $40 plus importing tax. I can crash my copter for years now without ever having to buy a new antenna — finally!

Having a solid background in microwave engineering and spacecraft technologies, I hooked one of the pagoda antennas up to my  5-20GHz Keysight network analyzer I bought at walmart recently.  Marten did a really good job on the design. But i thought I can do better! I proudly present:

THE trippleGODA

This thing is a masterpiece of engineering. It takes you twice the time to assemble but you get three times the distance! So now it is time to build your own. The best thing is that you can use the normal pagoda PCBs for the design, you just need several sets for one antenna:

Please refer to the original assembly instruction for the correct spacing. However it seems not to be that important with this stacking method. One thing is important: Make sure to keep the wire sticking out at the top. This has to be exactly lambda/8 (1.4. cm) in length!

When I hooked those antennas to the network analyzer I was very pleased to see a SWR ratio of ~0.74 — amazing! Let’s see how long it takes this time for china to clone an opensource design and sell it as their own (r**cerstar are you reading this?) — Let’s hope they will give proper credit to the inventor this time!

And now enough read for today, time to go out for some fpv flying!

15 thoughts on “Pagoda antenna — the trippleGODA by fishpepper

  1. Nick

    Is this extending range purely through better VSWR or is it ‘flattening the donut’ of the radiation pattern?

  2. flybabo

    Haha… it’s great for the first day of April. Particularly, a SWR ratio of ~0.74.

  3. Busted

    Is this your April fool’s joke for all of us?
    Thanks for all you work!

  4. 759315223

    HI Simon:

    Can give me 7PCBS the correct spacing ?

    Thank you!

    1. fishpepper Post author

      It is 10.45 for the first (top) and all others 3.65mm.

      1. Jonathan Reyes

        Hi Simon,

        Correct me if I’m wrong on the measurement. Is it

        SMA — | 3.65mm | 3.65mm | 3.65mm | 3.65mm | 3.65mm | 10.45mm | – 14mm

        Thank you!

      2. Jonathan

        Hi Simon,

        I am interested in trying this mod you made to the pagoda. Just wanted to clarify the measurement.

        SMA – |3.65 |3.65 |3.65 |3.65 |3.65 |10.45 | — 1.4 cm


      3. 759315223

        The trippleGODA we build as you said ,But it was not better then pagoda2, It have one 1.4cm long copper outside,
        we used 1 piece of pcb_pagoda_2_part1_lhcp and 3 piece of pcb_pagoda_2_part2_lhcp and 3 piece of pcb_pagoda_2_part3, It is 10.45 for the first (top) and all others 3.65mm.

        1. fishpepper Post author

          Sorry for your effort but that post was meant as an april fool joke 😉 This will most certainly not work better as the real pagoda (if it works at all)


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