Pagoda antenna — how to order 160 antennas for 40 bucks on seeedstudio

By | March 17, 2017

After posting about my script that panelizes a 4×4 grid of pagoda antennas into a single gerber files I recently get a lot of mails how to order those on Seeedstudio. By using my script, you can order 160 antennas for around $ 40 — perfect for people that fly as good as I do and break an antenna every now and then mostly every time I fly *cough*

So how do you order those? It is actually quite easy. First of all create an account on SeeedStudio Fusion. Next, grab the following zip files for the LHCP version from my github repository:

In order to get the antennas you will need to order three different sets. Each set will contain 10 copies of the 4×4 grid (16 pieces on a grid x 10 = 160 pieces). Do not worry, my grid design features breakaway tabs, you can easily separate the pcbs by hand. Here is a step by step tutorial:

  1. Log in into Seeedfusion and klick on this link to open up the fusion pcb ordering page
  2. Click on “Add your gerber file” and select the first zip file
  3. IMPORTANT: Once the download finished make sure to change the PCB thickness to 1mm (!)
  4. Select the PCB color as you like
  5. Your screen should now look like this (verify every option!):
  6. Click “Add to Cart”
  7. Continue with the other two zip files, make sure to use the same settings as shown above
  8. When done, open your shopping cart. You should see three orders (around $9.99 each)
  9. Proceed to checkout and order all the parts. Normal shipping is fine, they arrive in ~2 Weeks (Germany)
  10. Donate some bucks to Maarten for his ingenious design 😉

Now lean back and wait for your PCBs to arrive. In the meantime you can order some RG402 cable or grab presoldered pigtails and cut them in half. Happy soldering!





5 thoughts on “Pagoda antenna — how to order 160 antennas for 40 bucks on seeedstudio

  1. Geoff

    I also tried it this morning. The upload process doesn’t appear to be working for the provided zip files. It hits and hangs at 90%, then no files show as uploaded like in your screenshot.

    1. Geoff

      Got it to work in Microsoft Edge. Chrome wouldn’t work for some reason.

      1. fishpepper Post author

        I just tested it using Firefox (Linux). Indeed it hangs at 90%. I tried it 5 times in a row and the 5th time worked. Seems like a bug with their upload script.

  2. Nadeshda

    I ordered a few antennas at seedstudio this morning.
    When ordering I followed your instructions and used your zip files.
    Now I have received an email with the following text:
    Since your PCB file did NOT meet our requirements, your order has been holding up for now.
    The comments for your PCB file are:
    Please delete the unprocessed file, just upload the file. Thanks!

    Can you tell me what files they mean?
    I hope you can help me.

    1. fishpepper Post author

      I have no idea what that means. Maybe problems during upload?


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