DIY: T12 soldering tip holder — 3D print your own!

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By | September 28, 2017

I have been looking for a holder for my T12 soldering station tips for quite a while now. There is this one on banggood which looks good but seems to be priced a “bit” to high. I mean all it takes is some plastic and some holes. Wait plastic? Why not 3D print one? Firing up FreeCAD and some minutes of tinkering ended up in this design file on thingiverse.

I printed it in blue PLA with 15% infill and 1mm shells. No heat tolerance is needed. Did you know that you can unscrew the hot tips with your bare hands? The screw and the lower end of the tip is cold enough to be handled without gloves even if the tip is at 300°C. So a holder out of PLA or ABS is fine. Print it, save $11 and be happy 😉




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