Bargain Alert: tinyFISH FC: $11.99 / tinyPEPPER 1S ESC $7.99! (clones)

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By | September 8, 2017

Bargain Alert!

Are you still looking for a clone of my tinyFISH FC or 1S tinyPEPPER design? As you all might know, it’s Banggoods 11th anniversary and they celebrate it with some really good offerings: You can currently buy the Racerstar F3D8 clone of my tinyFISH FC design for $11.99 and the clone of my tinyPEPPER 1S for $7.99! The deal will end soon (<34h left right ), so hurry up.

Usually I do not recommend buying the Racerstar clones of my work. They disregard my work, do not give proper credit and the quality is a bit lower than other suppliers. Their design is the old one with the old voltage regulator, this affects only the 1S use in combination with the tinyPEPPER1S esc (2S is fine). I think at this price point it is a good deal and Racerstar does not even make big profit at this price… And in case there are quality issues: Banggood has a good customer service and will refund your money in case of problems with the item so you can’t loose much.


3 thoughts on “Bargain Alert: tinyFISH FC: $11.99 / tinyPEPPER 1S ESC $7.99! (clones)

  1. Mrkvozrout

    At this time, Racerstar Star4 is for 5$ and with advertised coupon RD11 for 4$.

    Simon, you’re the best,

  2. Christophe

    As you said in an other post, this FC works fine with the TinyPEPPER 1/2S ESC ditributed by Furious FPV. I use them with 1S lipo and your frame design, i LOVE it. 5 flies a day the last week.

    Thank you for you work.

  3. Curtis Ruin

    Hey Simon, many thanx for the advice!
    Please keep on sharing the passion….
    Many happy landings,


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