tinyFISH FC / F3D8 buzzer and led1 not working in betaflight 3.1.7 — FIX!

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By | July 19, 2017

I recently got reports of buzzer problems on the tinyFISH FC and the F3D8 clones. The buzzer beeps on startup and is constantly on afterwards… One of the FC leds does not light up properly as well. Do not throw it away, there is an easy fix!

When I routed the final version of my tinyFISH FC design I did do some last minute changes to the buzzer and led pin assignments. And guess what, the final pin assignment did not make it into betaflight 3.1.7 source as I simply forgot to submit a patch… The funny part is that it happened to racerstar as well — you probably remember, the F3D8 is “all racerstar design”… Hmmmm….

Ok, long story short: Here is a fixed hex file for you: betaflight_3.1.7_TINYFISH.hex
Just download it, fire up the betaflight configurator and click “Load Firmware [Local]”. Select the downloaded hex file and upload it. Done!

The bug is fixed in the upcoming betaflight versions, everything > 3.1.7 will work out of the box.

Happy buzzing 😉

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