pepperF1SH – Part IX: another bumper design

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By | January 2, 2017


This post is the ninth in a series of posts about the adventure of building the world’s lightest brushless FPV quadcopter: project pepperF1SH.

I was not completely satisfied with the last bumper design. Therefore I switched to a new approach: CFK rods.

This way i can get a full protection cage at a lower weight. The total weight is calculated as 2.3g (red corner parts) + 1.45g (blue holder) + 0.76g (cfk rods). This sums up to roughly 4.5grams… I think it should be possible to lighten up the red connector parts to save some weight. I think i could end up with half of that weight. So a total cage weight of <3.5grams looks realistic.

UPDATE: I just modified the design a bit. The edge connector has been split and is connected by a CFK bar now:

This saves some more weight, in this design the red edge connectors will need ~1.3grams. So this sums up to a total weight of 3.5 grams — much better 🙂

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