pepperF1SH – Part VII: a new 3D printed camera and battery mount

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By | December 28, 2016


This post is the seventh in a series of posts about the adventure of building the world’s lightest brushless FPV quadcopter: project pepperF1SH.

I updated the camera and battery mounts as i decided to order them from Shapeways. I added the option to add a camera protector (aka cable tie) and thinned some walls. Additionally i added some reinforcement structures. This will result in slight weight increase from 0.97g to roughly calculated 1.3grams for a set of two battery holders and one camera mount:

I also tested some ideas how to reinforce the frame, it just looks so fragile… However I do not like the frame reinforcement bar at all – so for now i will stick with the old design and do some “test crashes” 8)

One thought on “pepperF1SH – Part VII: a new 3D printed camera and battery mount

  1. Bryan Nelson


    I plan on building one of these. Thank you so much for making this available.
    Is there a link to the camera mount and battery holder from Shapeways? I could not find it.


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