tinyPEPPER – first prototype soldered

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By | December 14, 2016

This post is an update about my 4in1 blheli_s ESC previously known as uESC. I renamed it to tinyPEPPER and i just finished soldering a first prototype:

This thing is TINY! Firmware flashing worked out of the box, blheli configurator allows to change all settings and i can use the betaflight gui to control the nice Racerstar 1103 motors. There is a minor issue with device resets on high speed changes i still need to debug. I hope this will be sorted out soon. Final weight is 1.9g for the 0.8mm PCB version and 2.3g for the 1.6mm PCB.

Stay tuned for more 😉

3 thoughts on “tinyPEPPER – first prototype soldered

  1. Benjamin B.

    Damn your website is incredible !!
    I was planning to build myself a DIY brushed flight controller, but I have come across the fantastic DYS 1104s. And they seem really suited to indoor application. So I changed my mind and now I am really pumped to make an indoor brushless just like yours.
    And I wondered if you would be okay to share pdfs of your tinyPEPPER’s schematic with me…
    This would help me a lot !! There is not much online, on scilabs escs… it seems that only arduinos esc get to have schematic online.

    Anyway… I babling, it is obviously not for any commercial use, only hobby purposes.
    Greetings from Switzerland !
    Benjamin B.

    1. fishpepper Post author

      Thanks! I will probably solder the latest prototype this weekend. Once verified I will publish the whole esc project as open hardware.

      1. Benjamin B.

        Whouhou, very cool !! That is nice. Bye bye banggood, hello homemade esc’s !
        I will definitely make one of those, I will keep you updated, with the success, or lack of when I get to solder one of those !!
        Best !


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