tinyFISH FC – a first test with betaflight

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By | November 22, 2016

I just finished a first port of betaflight -- yay! (if you are wondering what a tinyFISH fc is, please have a look at the project page)

The board shown here has not all components mounted yet and the black pinheader is just for debugging, it will be removed in the future. Currently working: gyro/accelerometer and the dataflash storage for the blackbox.

Update 23.11.16

I just tested more peripherals. Motor outputs are working (i tested oneshot and dshot). LED strip works too. ADC input reading for voltage and current also works now (still need to figure out the scale factor for the current sensor). The only missing part is soldering the CC2510 to the pcb and testing the usky part. But i will probably mount this to a new 0.8mm board once they arrive!

Stay tuned for more 😉

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