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Thrust-Test: Racerstar BR1103B 4500KV (rewound)

This is the first benchmark in a series of 110x motor thrust tests I will be doing in the next few weeks. You can read more about the background of those tests in my overview post. This time I will be testing the Racerstar BR1103B that I recently rewound to 4500 KV. I was curious… Read More »

Tutorial: Brushless motor rewinding based on a BR1103B

If you have read my previous tutorial on how to measure the KV rating of a brushless motor you might be still wondering why you should ever need to do KV measurements on your own. Most of the time the manufacturer should list the KV rating and there is no reason for them to give… Read More »

Tutorial: Initial flashing a new born VESC

As you might have read I recently started to document the assembly of Benjamin Vedders insane 12S 50A (240A peak) motor controller called VESC. This is the fourth post in this series. In the previous VESC article I showed you how to assemble and solder the PCB on your own. Now it is time to… Read More »

Eachine EV100: no audio problem — cause, fix, and technical background

There have been a lot of rumors and discussion about the $99 Eachine EV100 FPV goggles recently. I already did some teardown, component analysis, component identification, analyzed the “diversity” feature of the receiver, and wrote about how to fix the gray bar problem in my previous posts. There is another problem with those goggles: No… Read More »

Review: RCBenchmark Dynamometer 1580 — thrust testing and more

It feels like christmas is fast approaching this year… The days got quite short, trees are losing their leaves, and it is getting colder already. And now look what Santa Charles Blouin from RCbenchmark just sent me: Wohoooooooo… The postman, or rather the customs employee, handed over a 1580 dynamometer motor test stand to me!… Read More »

Tutorial: How to measure the KV of a brushless motor

No matter if you are building a micro brushless quad or a 5″ racing monster, there is one motor related term that you should definitely know: Your motors velocity constant Kv measured in rpm/Volt. In order to get the most out of your quad you will select a motor and propeller combination that makes optimal… Read More »