Eachine 1306 thrust test on 3S

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By | September 1, 2016

I did some Thrust measurements for a 150/160 sized quadcopter frame.
The tests were done using an Eachine 1306 3100KV motor in combination with a
Blheli_S 20A ESC (Racerstar 20A Blheli_S). The setup was powered with a lab power
supply at a constant voltage of 12V simulating a nearly full charged 3S LiPo battery.

In addition to the full throttle test i measured the current necessary to reach 60g of thrust in order to get a better estimation for the effiency during low throttle.

PropellerCurrent (A)Thrust (g)Thrustratio (g/A)Current for 60g Thrust (A)
Gemfan Tri 3035BN4.817035.41.3
Gemfan Tri 3035 (nylon)4.617037.01.3
Dalprop Tri 3045BN7.520126.81.3
Gemfan 3545BN8.024630.81.1
Gemfan 3030BN4.817536.51.2
Diatone 30457.718724.31.5
Eachine 40458.023329.11.0
Gemfan 40457.327037.00.9
Gemfan 5030 cut to 3"5.117534.31.3
Gemfan 3545 NYLON7.524032.01.1
Gemfan 3545 NYLON cut to 3"5.718231.91.2
Gemfan 3545 ABS7.524032.01.0
Gemfan 3545 ABS cut to 3"6.018731.21.2
Diatone 3545 PC7.223432.51.1
Diatone 3545 PC cut to 3"5.517832.41.3
DYS T3545-R7.824231.01.1
Gemfan 4045BN13.015211.72.5
Gemfan 4045 (thin) PC7.426035.11.0
Gemfan Tri 4045BN>14.026018.61.1
DYS Tri 3x3x36.021335.51.1
Hobbyking 35507.623030.31.1
Hobbyking 3550 cut to 3"6.318028.61.2