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70g HD-CAM VS 29g Drone — no way!

I was recently joking that my 2S pepperFIISH quadrocopter is strong enough to carry a friend’s GoPro. Too bad I did not make a bet on that… Out of curiosity I tried it, lacking a proper GoPro camera I fastened my Xiaomi Yi camera to my poor little 29g quadcopter (44g with battery). Let’s crunsh… Read More »

pepperFIISH — new frame design for 0703/0705 motors

I just started to experiment with 0705 sized motors as I got some nice motors from boldclash. They came with a logo *wohooo* This is great news, having motors with my own logo means I can now fly like a pro or better *cough* Well… certainly not… I hacked together a quick test frame… Read More »

pepperF1SH — 3D printed camera mount released!

Sorry for the long delay… I finally managed to find the time to fine-tune the camera mounts for my super lightweight pepperF1SH quadcopter design. You can find the source files in the FreeCAD format and STL files at my pepperF1SH github repository. In addition to that I also uploaded the STL files to thingiverse, you… Read More »

tinyFISH FC & tinyPEPPER ESC — Where to buy?!

It has been a long time without new posts. I was fully occupied with our move. Most of my quadcopter equipment is still packed in boxes and I traded my soldering iron with a brush and I am still busy painting walls. At least my desk is partially finished and I can start to work… Read More »

Pagoda antenna — the trippleGODA by fishpepper

This post was last edited on 1st of April I recently ordered a set of Pagoda antennas on SeeedStudio. It is ridiculous cheap, 160 antenna sets for $40 plus importing tax. I can crash my copter for years now without ever having to buy a new antenna — finally! Having a solid background in microwave… Read More »

Racerstar F3D8 VS fishpepper tinyFISH FC

Well, it finally happened. China took one of my designs, removed my logos, renamed it (what was wrong with tinyFISH FC?), and started selling it as their creation: The “Racerstar” F3D8! But let’s start from the beginning: On November the 21st 2016 I started to blog about my tinyFISH FC. I developed it because I… Read More »

tinyPEPPER ESC – How to build your own! [v0.5]

In this post I am going to share all the parts you need to build your own super tiny tinyPEPPER 4in1 Blheli_S ESC. All the following information applies to the current version 0.5 of tinyPEPPER (tagged as revision 0.5). If you are wondering what makes this thing so special, have a look at the main… Read More »

tinyFISH FC – How to build your own! [revision 0.2b]

In this post I am going to share all the parts you need to build your own super lightweight tinyFISH flight controller with an integrated, FrSky compatible rx. All the following information applies to the current version 0.2b of tinyFISH (tagged as revision 0.2b). Changes compared to the previous revision 0.2: fixed the numbering of… Read More »