tinyPEPPER ESC — soldering party!

This time, we had a tinyPEPPER ESC soldering party. Similar to the tinyFISH FC soldering party, we met with some friends and soldered a total of four tinyPEPPER ESCs. This time, we used boards from elecrow instead of OSHPark. The PCB quality is at a completely different level as OSHPark (worse…). See my comparison post… Read More »

tinyPEPPER ESC – PCB-Service comparison: Elecrow VS OSHPark

I recently ordered some tinyPEPPER ESC PCBs from elecrow. Usually I order my PCBs from OSHPark, but this time I wanted to test the PCBs in 0.6mm thickness which is not available on OSHPark. The ordering process was straightforward and the PCBs arrived fine. The black (left) PCB was made at elecrow (0.6mm, 2Oz copper,… Read More »

Pagoda antenna – panelized version – results

Some time ago I ordered some Pagoda FPV antennas PCBs on elecrow. I modified Maartens ingenious python script to render multiple antennas in a 3×3 grid and into one single gerber file. My script added small breakaway tabs and they worked perfectly. The single PCBs snap away easily. A picture is worth a thousands words:… Read More »

tinyFISH FC — report of the first successful community built fc

The first community built tinyFISH fc is alive! I recently got an email from the rcgroups user Sevo. He  successfully managed to assemble and flash his tinyFISH fc. Congratulations, this is the first report of a working replica from the community! Even though he had no access to a microscope he managed to complete his… Read More »

OpenGround – Part 12 – Turnigy Evolution – I/O mapping

This is the 12th post of my series documenting the development of a custom firmware for the FS-i6s transmitter. This time I am going to have a look how the Turnigy Evolution differs from the FS-i6s. BOOT pin The BOOT1 pin is still available on the resistor R59, pull the side connected to the STM32… Read More »

pepperF1SH World Tour

You want to fly a pepperF1SH but you can’t wait for commercially available tinyFISH FC and tinyPEPPER ESC clones? This is your chance to join the pepperF1SH WORLD TOUR 2017 I want to send a pepperF1SH quadcopter around the world. The idea is simple, you can apply to become the next hop on the world… Read More »

betaflight — custom motor ordering made easy

Have you ever assembled your quadcopter motors in the wrong order? I am quite sure you did! I am going to show you how to swap motors in betaflight without the need of a soldering iron! This tutorial is based on betaflight 3.0/3.1 and betaflight configurator 1.8.9. I have spent a lot of time reordering… Read More »

tinyFISH FC — soldering party!

We had a tinyFISH FC soldering party last weekend. I met with some friends and we soldered a total of four tinyFISH FCs — there will be four more pepperF1SH copters soon! All four boards are working fine, I just finished flashing the betaflight and opensky firmware to the FCs and did a simple 1-point… Read More »

tinyFISH FC – initial setup & flashing tutorial II/II

In the previous tutorial we flashed the betaflight firmware into the STM32 of our flightcontroller, this time we will flash the tinyFISH FC receiver firmware. We are going to use the frsky compatible OpenSky firmware. You can now decide to download the latest version of OpenSky here and build the tinyfish target yourself (make TARGET=TINYFISH).… Read More »