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Pagoda 3/3B antenna — 70 sets shipped for $11.68, anyone?

UPDATE: Please wait with submitting this to seeed and elecrow. If you are lucky it will slip through their verification system, if not they will cancel the order and ask you to resubmit it with the correct number of subdesigns in one panel. I already have a new pending panel revision that includes an assembly… Read More »

Updated BR1103B based 83mm frame design

I just realized that my new pepperFIISH frame design for the newer Racerstar BR1103B motors had a minimal design flaw: the center motor axis holes seem to be to small, the small c-clip is touching the frame. Thanks to jaap for pointing this out! [just as a side note, the black and blue BR1103B motors… Read More »

A new pepperFIISH is born — Successful reproduction by jaap

I just got some feedback from jaap, he successfully built himself a 2S pepperFIISH pocketrocket. His build features the new Racerstar BR1103B motors and uses the new frame design. Looks like he is having some serious fun with it! Jaap writes: I’ve been having so much fun with this new micro quad. It’s amazingly small,… Read More »