tinyFISH FC & tinyPEPPER ESC — Where to buy?!

By | May 9, 2017

It has been a long time without new posts. I was fully occupied with our move. Most of my quadcopter equipment is still packed in boxes and I traded my soldering iron with a brush and I am still busy painting walls.
At least my desk is partially finished and I can start to work on my new or paused projects, I started to work on a custom OSD with full bf integration (no max7456 chip, ~0.4g, 10x10mm). Once this works I will do a 16×16 vtx with integrated OSD for the tinyFISH and tinyPEPPER stack — stay tuned!

A lot happened during the last weeks, racerstar invented their own cloned the tinyfish/tinypepper design and different websites started to sell clones of those boards as well. There are also rtf quads popping up that use my FC and ESC designs as a base (dustX58). Many of the sellers removed my fishpepper logo from the circuit boards, do not give proper credit and sell my designs as theirs, but there are laudable exceptions of course!

I started to make a list of “good” sellers that give proper credit. If a link is missing please let me know.
Some of the shops sell the old design. Recently there was a design change to use a 3.1V voltage regulator. The ones with the 3.0V regulator have some issues to start the ESCs as long as the batteries are fully charged. As far as i know boldclash is the only one who used the latest FC design. I got some samples from them, the pcb and soldering quality looks quite nice compared to racerstar. A review is still pending due to my move.

I have not flight tested any of the boards from the sources below. I can not rate the quality yet. Please note that some stores on aliexpress and banggood show bad wiring diagrams for the ESC (+/- swapped), so be careful!

16×16 tinyFISH FC

16×16 tinyPEPPER 4in1 ESC

There are also some sellers I can not really recommend as they do not give proper credit at all and actively selling it as their very own invention. E.g. Racerstar sells the FC and the ESC as their invention on banggood.com.

Please note that I do not get any money/licensing fees from sellers listed above. That’s perfectly fine. All I am asking for is to give proper credit to the inventor. Some stores claim to be the inventor/designer of those boards which makes me really sad. Thats even worse than copies without proper credit…

3 thoughts on “tinyFISH FC & tinyPEPPER ESC — Where to buy?!

  1. Andrés

    Any chance of seeing an FC with an integrated DSMX Rx?

    Rest assured, I will only buy from people who give you proper attribution 😉


    1. fishpepper Post author

      Probably not in the near feature. I have not spektrum gear and no source/access to a receiver implementation.

  2. Czaja

    Good to have you back.

    Thanks for the updated info regarding your products availability from proper sources. I like Boldclash – have a few other products from them and they are of good quality.

    I am looking forward to your new designs, especially the 2s 4-in-1 ESC. I have a feeling I am not the only one 🙂 Cheers.


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